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Kit Steel Bracket For Big Foot, designed for the support of condensers and equipment on rooftops, is manufactured with universal FIXTRUT 41x41x2.5 rail systems. Added to this, it has a galvanized treatment that offers greater resistance to atmospheric agents. By not needing to drill the cover for its installation, this kit avoids the existence of water leaks. In this way, it also eliminates the risk of roof deterioration.

It is relevant to note that the weight distribution of the equipment is efficiently managed. In detail, each foot, also known as a pyramidal support, can be individually disassembled without needing to disassemble the entire chassis.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in any of the existing models, it is possible to adapt additional pyramidal supports to obtain a more consistent fixation. On the other hand, the crossbars that support the condensing units have the ability to move until reaching the desired measure.

As for our options, we have two main models: one for 1 device with measurements of 2000x1000x500 and a load of 300 Kg, and another for 2 devices with measurements of 3000x1500x500 and a load of 500 Kg. On demand, we can manufacture other measurements and designs to adjust to the specific needs of our customers.




1 unit
2 units


2000 x 100 x 500
3000 x 1500 x 500

Maximum Weight

300 kg
500 kg

Unit. Pack.


Key Benefits of the Modular Condenser Support Kit

Firstly, it should be noted that this modular support kit for aerothermal or air conditioning condensers, meticulously manufactured with FIXTRUT 41x41x2.5 rails and accessories to join these rails at different angles, offers unique advantages. In addition, its galvanized treatment guarantees remarkable resistance and durability against atmospheric agents.

Secondly, the installation of the kit does not require drilling, as it is supplied with our pyramidal bases reference 8109930500, which prevents water leaks on the surface of the ground where they are installed, therefore, it contributes to the protection of the roofs. Likewise, its careful design promotes the equitable distribution of the weight of the equipment.

In addition, each pyramidal support can be individually disassembled without the need to disassemble the entire chassis. On the other hand, it allows the incorporation of extra supports in case it is necessary to expand in the future.

As if that were not enough, the crossbars adjust to the necessary measure, providing great adaptability. In terms of availability, we offer the kit in models for 1 or 2 devices if they are placed parallel to the rail and 3 or 4 devices, if they are placed perpendicular to the rail, we achieve this thanks to its width measurements of 1m or 1.5m, which offers options for different needs.

Finally, we have the possibility to manufacture kits in custom measurements and designs on demand, reinforcing our proposal to be a complete solution since these types of solutions are not always standardized spaces.