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Discover Innovation in Stability: Anti-vibration Support for Aerothermia, Heat Pump Condensing Unit or Air Conditioning

Maximum efficiency and durability for your aerothermal installations and condensing units

Product Benefits and Features

Our Anti-vibration Support for Aerothermal systems or any condensing unit similarly combines innovation and efficiency to ensure a superior climate control experience. In this sense, we will take a more detailed look at its distinctive features:

Superior Manufacturing: First of all, our supports are manufactured using a vulcanization process of compounds in natural rubber and gum. This method guarantees superior durability and, moreover, exceptional resistance to wear and adverse environmental conditions.

Greatly Stable Support: Specially designed with the aim of providing a stable floor support, these supports prove to be essential for a safe and effective installation. In fact, they can handle a large load capacity, thereby ensuring that your equipment is well backed up.

Adaptability: On the other hand, our supports are versatile and, notably, they adapt to all types of climate control and aerothermal groups. Specifically, they are extremely useful for supporting pipes on flat roofs.

Broad Application: This anti-vibration support is ideal for any heat pump condensing unit, aerothermal system or air conditioner that needs to be installed on a flat floor. Whether for large or small appliances, this support can be adapted according to the installation’s needs, thus providing a customized and secure finish.

The anti-vibration support kit comes with the following components:

2 anti-vibration floor supports

2 aluminum profiles 41 x 21

4 M-10×40 profile screws

4 level bubbles

To see how our supports are installed to enhance the operation of your HVAC and aerothermal systems, we invite you to watch our video tutorial:

We offer several options to cater to your specific needs. Here are our product options:





Max. weight

220 Kg
350 Kg
380 Kg
600 Kg
900 Kg

Thread x length


Unit Pack.





Why would an anti-vibration floor support be necessary in air conditioning systems?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to mention that the operation of heat pump, air source heat pump, or air conditioning condensing units can generate vibrations. These vibrations, if not appropriately absorbed, can lead to problems in the system, regardless of its size. Such issues can be excessive equipment movement and twisting in copper-brass connections, in addition to annoying noises in the home’s flooring, be it upper or level.

Impact of Vibrations on Air Conditioning Systems

In an air conditioning system, vibrations can lead to a series of problems such as increased wear of parts, excessive noise in sensitive areas of the home, or even displacement from the initial installation position. These aspects are avoided with this system.

Negative Effects of Vibrations in the Home

The main negative effects of vibrations are felt by the end user of the equipment in their home. These vibrations, if not properly supported to absorb them, transfer to the floor and can be very annoying, especially in the silence of the night during rest.

The Role of Anti-Vibration Support in the Condensing Unit

Specifically, the anti-vibration support plays a crucial role in managing the absorption of vibrations in air conditioning systems. Indeed, these devices are designed to reduce vibrations and ensure the equipment’s long-term durability. We also ensure that the equipment remains stationary since, without installing a support system like ours, the machine could potentially move, putting excessive tension on the connections with the refrigeration copper pipe, leading to possible refrigerant gas leaks in the threaded unions with the equipment.

Functions of the Anti-Vibration Support

The primary functions of an anti-vibration support include absorbing vibrations generated by the equipment, reducing noise, and protecting the equipment as it would be elevated from the ground by up to 98mm. This elevation allows water to pass underneath when weather conditions are unfavorable and there are precipitations.

Types of Anti-Vibration Supports

There are different models of supports to reduce vibrations. We manufacture them from 250mm up to 1,000mm, including sizes of 450mm, 500mm, and 600mm in length.

How to Choose the Correct Anti-Vibration Support

First of all, we need to know the depth of the equipment we are going to install. Once we have this information, we can decide which to choose based on the needs:

  • 250mm Model: Specially designed for weight support and vibration at one end, making equipment installation easier if it is very large or if its dimensions do not align with the other measurements. In this way, we could put four units of this model and use them as a “leg” at each end.
  • 450mm Model: Designed for small equipment, with great weight support and vibration elimination on terraces, balconies, ceilings, etc. It’s also very suitable due to its 98mm height, which allows for the installation of the central condensation drainage elbow without issues.
  • 500mm Model: A model with a lower height of 60mm for situations where the height space will be an issue, but with a length of 500mm, it will also allow the installation of smaller equipment.
  • 600mmModel

    : Our most complete model, with a base width of 163mm, and its length of 600mm allows the installation of equipment with the most demanding needs, those that create more vibrations due to their power, are taller and wider, or carry more weight as the set supports up to 600kg.

  • 1,000mm Model: Especially designed for extremely wide condensing units, these bases can be placed parallel to the equipment instead of perpendicular (in the form of a foot) as is usual.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Anti-Vibration Support

When selecting an anti-vibration support, it’s important to consider factors such as the location of the equipment, the stability of the base on the ground, the weight of the machine, and the size of the condensing unit.


In summary, the effectiveness and comfort of air conditioning systems, be they heat pumps, air source heat pumps, or air conditioners, can be substantially improved with the use of our anti-vibration supports. Designed to adapt to any type of installation, whether in large or small devices, these supports enable efficient vibration absorption, helping to reduce noise and wear of parts. Moreover, their versatility guarantees they fit any type of flat ground, providing a solid and stable support. Therefore, investing in these anti-vibration supports is a crucial step towards enhancing the efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are anti-vibration supports needed in air conditioning systems?

Anti-vibration supports are necessary to absorb the vibrations produced by air conditioning systems, thereby reducing noise and wear of parts.

2. How do you choose the right anti-vibration support?

The choice of the right anti-vibration support depends on several factors, such as the location of the equipment, its weight, and dimensions.

3. What benefits do anti-vibration supports bring to air conditioning systems?

Anti-vibration supports absorb vibrations, thus reducing the annoying noise in the home or neighborhood, protecting the equipment, and extending the lifespan of the air conditioning system.

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