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Manufactured in galvanized steel. 90º bracket for constructing structures for the suspension of fastening elements. Splices to facilitate profile splicing. Suitable for mid-range profiles (2718-2830-3840).

bracket 90




Square 90º

For profiles

27/18 – 28/30 – 38/40

Gral. Pack.


Quality certificate

Bracket 90º: The Essential Fastening Accessory for Steel Structure Assemblies

Innovation in Structure Fastening

In the construction industry, both strength and precision are key factors. For this reason, we introduce a fastening accessory made of zinc plated steel. This high-quality, resilient product is specifically designed for the construction of suspension structures.

The Durability of Zinc Plated Steel

Manufactured in zinc plated steel, these elements primarily offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and outstanding structural strength.

Compatibility and Versatility

Designed specifically for profiles of the dimensions (27×18, 28×30, 38×40), these accessories adapt to various needs in construction.

Bracket 90º: Strength and Precision in One Accessory

In summary, this piece is an indispensable fastening accessory for structure assembly. With its strength, precision, and versatility, this zinc plated component offers a comprehensive solution for the assembly of suspension structures.